Monday, September 28, 2015

A Fun Weekend!

It may have rained most of this past weekend but we didn't let that stop us from enjoying it to the fullest! 

I worked a couple of hours Friday evening and Matt and Mason had a date to CiCi's Pizza. They were certainly happy with that!! Mason even got his first balloon animal! 

After their bellies were full of pizza, my guys enjoyed some goooooood snuggles!

Once I finished working, Matt sent me to eat by myself while he stayed home and watched a movie (and Mason slept). 
I sent him this picture of his truck next to this big truck and said "Little truck, Meet your Daddy!"

I went out for Mexican food and it was so good! Matt and I hung out Friday evening just visiting and resting. 

Saturday morning, I ran some errands while Matt and Mason met his grandparents for breakfast at Bojangles! Here are a few shots of my guys before they left. Matt did a GREAT job of posing and well, Mason, not so much! 

One of my errands was to Target and I found these CUTE plates and silverware sets for Mason. $3 total! 

Meanwhile, my guys had a BLAST at breakfast! 

(A walk with Granddad at breakfast.)

Around 11, we headed to Greek Fest. It was rainy and wet but we wanted some Greek food! Our family pics weren't top quality for sure BUT we were all there and happy! 

The greek combo platter and gyro were AWESOME! But the pastries did us in!! SOOOO GOOD!! 

Mason enjoyed some dancing, too. We weren't there long but we had a BLAST! 

After a rough start to nap, I got Mason up to snuggle him some. It was a sweet nap. He slept about 45 minutes.

After that, he got up and headed into the bedroom where Matt was napping and got some snuggles with him as well. :)

The afternoon consisted of snacks, football, ice cream and just good family time. After we laid Mason down for the night, Matt and I got wild and crazy a.k.a. we watched the newest episode of Law and Order:SVU. :) I asked him to take a picture and this is what I got...crazy guy!

Sunday, we had a yummy quick breakfast and got ready for church. I asked to take a picture and I didn't even have to ask Mason to smile! That's when you know it's gonna be a good day!

Love this sweet little love!


And my Best GUY!

And about 6 attempts at a picture of the guys together with both looking.

After church, I headed to would for a couple of hours while the guys were at home. Mason helped out with chores including mowing his car seat. He prefers the lesser known chores, obviously!

After chores, it was hide and seek time!

For Sunday night dinner, Matt made delicious hamburgers and I prepped caramelized onions, tomatoes, lettuce and some baked beans to go with them. I also made an apple/peach crisp. We were definitely well fed folks!

I pulled out some cooler weather clothes and Mason had to try on Matt's favorite sweatshirt. He wasn't so sure what to think about it!

The night ended with a couple of iPad games and a show. I couldn't resist Mason's little diapered heiny and his slippers!!

Matt and I ended the weekend with footrubs and a little football. 

Lovely weekend for sure! 

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