Saturday, September 12, 2015

The Morgan's Movements {Early September}

You guys, I've taken so many pictures so far this month! It has been a GOOD month for us! Here's what's been going on in Early September. 

We started the month by blowing bubbles in PJs...and boots. I love low key days like this! 

Our summer garden did not go like we had hoped but we had some bright spots. Some of which were these yummy green beans!

Outdoor play time is SO FUN!

We were also lucky enough to have a superhero in the house for a little while, too! 

But then, he packed up and went bye-bye. ;-)

One morning when I was working, Mason wanted to sit in a regular chair. I'm sure you can tell that he was proud!

We also made a trip to Target with the boots. Stylin' right?

I spotted these on that same trip! We have been Oreo taste testers lately. We tried the Brownie Batter ones and the S'mores ones so we may have to try these soon, too.

I posted this to Instagram as well. One afternoon, we were reading a book and there was ice cream in the book. Mason went to the fridge and was asking for "Meam", his word for ice cream. I told him we didn't have any and he went about his playing. About 15-30 minutes later while I was cooking dinner, Mason came in with this cup, a baseball in the top, and a popsicle stick spoon and said "Meam, Meam, Meam!" He made his very own! Yay for creativity! 

Evening snuggles while we learned about animals? A must! 

Cutie pie reading books!

And coloring...

We made a pit stop in Old Navy one afternoon. I recently gave away a good bit of my clothes because they just weren't what I needed for this season of life and I've been using some birthday money to get some staple pieces. They have had some massive clearance so I've been checking in regularly. On this trip, I had a quarter in my wallet so Mason got to get a new bouncy ball! 

After Old Navy, we headed to Chipotle for a gift card dinner date! Yay for Gift cards! Mason was obviously excited!

Next door to Chipotle is Yogurt Mountain and on that same night, they had BOGO cups so we got dinner and dessert for less than $6! YAY!

All of that yogurt encouraged climbing, apparently. :)

One afternoon, a friend posted to Facebook that Wal-Mart in her area had PJs for $1. Mason and I ventured out to see if ours did as well. We didn't find any PJs but we found a swimsuit and a tshirt for a dollar each. Awesome, right?!

When we checked out, we used self-check out and the cashier came over and spoke to Mason. He was his usual chipper self and was friendly. She reached in her pocket and said she had something for him. I assumed it was a sticker or the like. Nope, it was a dollar. She said it was just for him and he was so excited! 

When we got to the car, I said "Buddy, do you know what that is?" He said "A dahyah". YAY! See below for how he spent it. :)

All of that Wal-Mart craziness called for pillow fort fun once we got home!

Boy time! 

After the birthday party (mentioned in a previous post), Mason was so tired which usually makes nap way harder. He slept for less than an hour and then woke up crying. Matt snuggled him and he went back to sleep...hard!

I love seeing my two guys snuggled up tight!

That same night for dinner, Matt and I had a date and we made homemade french fries, onion rings and fried shrimp. My dad had given us shrimp on our recent Louisiana trip and they were so good! We also had plenty to sautee' and use for another recipe!

For dessert? Peanut Butter Oreo Pie, my belated birthday dessert. Matt did so good! It was yummy!

After church Sunday while I went to work, Matt took Mason to Target to browse. He's posing here with his shoes that MiMi got for him! 

Play fun at Target!

Matt took Mason on a pizza date (yay for a few dollars set aside for dates with our boy!). Matt said, "Mason, where did your pizza go?"

That pizza revved him up and he wanted ALL of the books!

After their pizza date, my guys napped while I finished working and then we went to Panera. I had a free birthday reward on my card plus I have a reward for free coffee every day of this month! Matt had $1 of a drink purchase. I got my free birthday treat and got the free coffee for Matt. Matt got me a soda with his coupon and Mason got himself a cookie with his dollar from the Wal-Mart cashier. All in all, a date for $3.33!!! We love little blessings like this! 

Labor Day was full of block building...

drawing circles...

and coloring them red.

Siri gave us a few laughs, too.

Tuesday morning, September 8th, we headed out for a three mile walk and then we went to a super fun playdate! 

Playdate with finger paints! A toddler dream! :)

GiGi sent Mason a subscription to Ranger Rick's magazine and the first edition was about noses. Mason loved it! So we made a nose out of a cup and some twine. He has used it often! 

Mason is also obsessed with my mom's dog, Daizee. She sent him a few pictures. :)

The rest of the week was crazy full as I had a meeting and then work for three days while Mason was at our sweet friends. 

We love that Jenn is willing to keep Mason for us when I get offered a longer stretch of PRN work. He loves being at their house and they enjoy having him! 

We're coming for you, Mid-September!

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