Thursday, September 3, 2015

The Morgan's Movements {Late-August 2015}

Wow, August is OVER! September, we are coming for YOU!!

Our MOMS club went to the local splash pad and it was such a fun afternoon. I had been saying all summer that I was going to take Mason but timing, out of town trips, and heat prevented it. On this day, he had a BLAST!!

Isn't he the coolest?

One morning after breakfast, we had a little extra time to just hang and Mason was just resting watching his morning show. :)

My mom sent a crystal to us several weeks back and we have been forgetting to hang it. Matt was able to hang it one night and the next morning, Mason was excited to see the prisms on the wall!

Uncle Jay and Aunt Donna Faye gave Mason lots of precious clothes on our recent visit. His current favorite is this dinosaur shirt. Isn't it awesome?!

My buddy and I soaked up some of the cooling weather and went for a walk one morning.

Red light selfie

We had a fun afternoon at the park with some new friends that we met through MOMS club. Can you say dirty!?!

I got a free burger from Ruby Tuesday's for my birthday so Mason took me on a dinner date while Matt was serving at church with the youth. Mason's the 2nd best date around!

And a gentleman, too. He was putting his napkin in his lap. :)

Eating all of the ranch!

Another walk. Mason read while I exercised. :)


Stealing Daddy's pillows!

Afternoon sillies!!

Playdoh cookies :)

Y'all...this kid was washing his hands and just went in for a drink. And now? It's his favorite!!!

Bathtime fun! 

I got to spend some time with this cutie! Oh, I adore her! 

While I was with that sweet girl above, this was happening at home! 

We went to Kindergym at a local YMCA (more on that another day) and Mason was a little anxious to go inside! 

Inspecting the water fountains while we waited. :)

Sweet sleeping boy...

I also got a free donut and drink at Krispy Kreme and Mason got a hat! I also got him a donut because...duh, donuts.

I  now have a superhero in the house!! 

We have started doing some "school" stuff and on the last day of August, we learned about "A", "1", red and circles. :)

And we also fixed some things with all of Mason's tools.

I love watching Mason learn and have fun, new ideas of his own.

So, that's the last of August! 

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