Thursday, September 24, 2015

Zoo Trip {Phone Pics} {September 2015}

This past Sunday afternoon, we headed to the Greenville Zoo. It was a beautiful afternoon and we had such a FUN time! Matt took some pictures on his camera but here are some from my phone. :)

My sweet boy and me getting ready for the zoo! 

Putting his coin in the machine. :)

Family Photo Op. I love our little family!

Checking out the monkeys...

Petting goats...

Hey, Mr. Giraffe!

Mason called the giraffe, too. 

We also saw alligators, lions, reptiles, a tortoise, and a few other things. 

Boys and lions...:)

My handsome fellas!

After exploring the zoo, we headed to Red Robin for a yummy good!

Like Father, Like Son...staring at the football game on TV. HAHA!

We had such a fun day! Mason LOVED the animals, especially the monkeys! 

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