Monday, September 21, 2015

The Morgan's Movements {Mid-September}

Phew! This has been a busy and full mid-month! I have worked a good bit (HUGE blessing) and we have just been on the go. Here's what we have been up to. 

A quiet moment at home allowed for some extra good snuggles!

Timehop got me on this day. 
2 years ago...

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We made Jello Jigglers. SOOO FUN! 

And we made this AWESOME dip for football Saturday...YUM!

And this delicious cake, too. Oh my word! 

A friend sent me this for a good laugh...:)

We also celebrated Grandparent's Day by sending some pictures to all of the grandparents. Mason wasn't really feeling it...

We spent a fun afternoon at the library and its playground enjoying the beautiful weather outside. 

Dad got some good snuggles one afternoon when he got Mason up from nap. :))

They went to Sonic for Happy Hour drinks and Mason saw these signs and said "Meam Meam". Oh boy, he is so our child and LOVES that ice cream! 

Mason got a slush (his first, I think) and he drank some and shared some with George.

More park fun! 

And a fun after dinner date for donuts (we had free ones!!!)

Red light selfies! 

Took my buddy on a Mom-Mason date to Barnes and Noble. Yay for giftcards! We had a snack and played and played! We were there for almost 2 hours! 

Mason enjoyed a good little bike ride one evening. 

And look? I discovered a piece of metal in my tire! Note, this was the day after Matt's tire had to be replaced because of a nail puncture which couldn't be patched. 

We were up early at the tire place eating breakfast! Thankfully, it wasn't punctured. PHEW!

I made a trip to a local consignment sale and got 3 new puzzles for $3! We enjoyed some fun puzzle time! 

Mason brought me this piece of "hair" (aka trash) and told me to put it in my hair!!

Haircut day for Mason...looks thrilled doesn't he! 

He was actually not unhappy. He looks so handsome with his new haircut and Daddy took him to browse at ToyRUs after so that made it all extra good! 

Oh, and did I mention it was free queso day at Moes!!!! Mason was a HUGE fan! 

This past Friday, Mason and I headed to the park to play with MOMS Club. We had a blast! 

One night for dinner, Matt just left Mason without a shirt to eat dinner. Mason felt funny apparently because he asked Matt for the towel. HAHA! 

We spent this past Saturday as a family. Well, I worked a few hours in the morning and Matt and Mason went to the pool while I did that. Then, we came home and played, napped, watched football (Geaux Tigers!), ate yummy food and just enjoyed being together! 

Bring it on, late September! 


  1. You are KILLING ME with the cake, the dip, the SONIC...sigh. :) But oh my word. How adorable are ALL OF YOU!!!!!!!!!!!