Thursday, September 24, 2015

God Made All of Me by Justin & Lindsey Holcomb {A Book Review}

I chose to review God Made All of Me: A Book to help Children Protect Their Bodies by Justin Holcomb & Lindsey Holcomb because we had a meeting in MOPS last year where this topic was brought up and it was something I had not really thought about before. 

Matt and I are firm believers that it's important to educate Mason (and any other future children we may have) on important issues in life. Real life issues. We don't want to scare Mason but we want him to be aware of himself, how to protect himself and we want him to be strong in who he is as a person. As a two year old and as a 15 year old and beyond. 

This book, God Made All of Me, is a "tool so you can explain to your children that God made their bodies." First, let me say that this book is advanced for Mason and I knew it would be before I selected it. I have read it myself and I will share my opinions but I also shared it with another mom friend and I'm going to share her opinion, too. 

First, I love this book because it is FULL of scripture to support the truth that God made us. It also defines private parts and discusses situations that are easy for a child to understand and it gives them strength to be in charge of their own bodies. It's sad that we live in a world where sexual abuse is so common but as parents, we can empower our children to make good choices about their bodies. 

My mom friend has a four year old and they have discussed this topic several times in the past and she said that when they read the book that it went really well. She also said that she liked that the book explains the difference between secrets and surprises. 

I don't want to tell everything from the book because I think it is a great resource for all parents to share with their children, especially those (parents or children) who have maybe been abused in the past. Again, you don't want to glorify the situation in any way but this will help you to at least tell your children how to be more aware of their bodies. 

Thank you to Justin & Lindsey for talking about the tough situations and writing a book that will get the info down on a child's level in a non-scary way. 

**I received this book in exchange for my honest review.**

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