Monday, September 28, 2015

Open Letters {7}

Dear Weather,

I continue to be impressed with you. Yay for fall!

Sincerely, a woman who sweats easily

Dear Target, 

I can't get enough of your inventory. So many things I love. Thankfully, I have excellent self-control in your store or I would be in BIG trouble! 

Love, A Happy Shopper

Dear Wild Kratts, 

I believe you are now Mason's #2 show. Thanks for coming on PBS for us! 

Sincerely, A mom who is grateful for a TV break every now and then

Dear MOMS Club,

You playdates have saved my sanity a few times recently.

Sincerely, Grateful Mom

Dear Oreos, 

Please stop coming out with so many different flavors that we MUST try. It was good a first but now, it's getting dangerous!!!

Love, Oreo Lover

Dear College Football, 

You have my heart. 

Love, Me

Dear Atlanta, 

See you in 11 days!!!! 

Love, A happy family! 

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