Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Open Letters {5}

Dear Jenn,

You are seriously one of the best friends ever. Having you keep Mason for the last several days so that I could work while Matt also works...HUGE BLESSING!

Love, Leslie

P.S. Congrats on the minivan, Soccer Mom ;-)

Dear Matt, 

I'm glad that a friend was giving away a smoker and that I could surprise you with it. Main reason? Well, because that means we get to eat smoked meat, more often. DUH!

Love, Your grateful wife

Dear Mason, 

The other day when you put (Curious) George in your booster seat and said "George wants more more", I loved it. Also, when your Daddy got you a slush at sonic and sent me a picture of you feeding that slush to George in the backseat, well, I melted. You're the best!!

Love, Mom

Dear Patients, 

Dementia can be awful and I cannot even imagine what your families have experienced. However, when I get to treat you from time to time and I get to see you laugh or smile, you brighten my days. When you tell me funny stories or even perseverate (get stuck on) certain things, sometimes, I just can't help but laugh. 

Love, Your SLP

Dear Fall Weather, 

Bless your heart. You've finally arrived. Stay awhile?

Love, Me

Dear Hubby, 

Thanks for suggesting we go out to dinner the other night. Sometimes I just like that idea more than anything! You rock!

Love, your best girl

Dear Grandmom & Granddad, 

Have we mentioned lately how much we love you!? We may not see you all of the time but being able to live in the same city as you and let you borrow boxes when you need them...well, it's just the best. We love you! 

Love, Some of your grandkids

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