Thursday, September 17, 2015

Let's Learn About the Lord's Prayer by Catherine DeVries {A Book Review}

Let's Learn About the Lord's Prayer by Catherine DeVries

We have been praying together as a family of three since Mason was able to sit up at the table. He knows that we hold hands to pray and he is learning to close his eyes. We usually pray for our meal and thank God for the day. In the evenings, we always say a prayer before Mason goes to bed. We had not yet talked about the Lord's prayer, though, until, this book entered the scene. 

Let's Learn About the Lord's Prayer by Catherine DeVries is a GREAT resource for teaching your child what the Lord's prayer is all about. 

First, I LOVE the way the book is written with the main/only character being the main speaker. She speaks to the reader and that's just fun! Mason enjoyed that she was asking questions. It should also be noted that he said "no" to all of them. DUH...toddlers

Once the Lord's prayer is presented, the book gives an explanation for each line then states the line. In the end the full prayer is written for reciting as a family. 

The illustrations are great, too. The pictures fill the full pages and it's so bright and cheerful. Well done! 

It's just a really fun book. The Lord's prayer kind of gets passed over at times but it is just the perfect model for praying especially when you are learning to pray. 

Matt and I pray that Mason knows the Lord closely and with books like this as a resource, as well as the Bible itself, he can learn as much as he would like about Jesus. 

**I received this book for free in exchange for my honest review,**

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