Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Open Letters {6}

Dear Moe's

Free Queso? Yeah, that was a GREAT idea!!

Love, Well, a Queso Lover

Dear Mason,

I love your haircut BUT I do not love that you look way older. Not cool, kiddo.

Love, the Mom who still thinks you are a newborn

Dear MOPS,

You are good for the soul! I'm grateful for the Moms I've been surrounded by in this group.

Love, A grateful Mom

Dear Matt,

I'm so glad you love your "new" smoker.

Love, Wife who loves when you cook :)

Dear Siri, 

Hearing you read aloud text messages that are made up completely of emojis? Well, that's just plain funny!!!

Love, Silly iPhone Users

Dear LSU Tigers, 


Love, Loyal Fans

Dear Golden Corral, 

Your breakfast buffet? Well, it's on point!

Love, Breakfast Lovers

Dear People, 

Oh boy, please stop being so easily offended! Better yet, totally fine if you want to be offended, just keep it off of social media. Even better, totally fine if you post but how about just not 1,000 times. 

Sincerely, Annoyed ;-)


  1. A thousand times YES to your last point!! Our preacher said on Sunday that people know us not so much by our position, but more by our DISposition. And that was the first thing I thought of - people who take to social media to drive home their point, determined that they are right to a fault, and all they do is stir the already overflowing pot. Sigh.

    1. So good! I bet I would have enjoyed that message and would have been challenged by it!