Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Knowing Where You Are

Recently, our MOPS group was talking about keeping the love alive in your marriage and about how hard it is with so many thing vying for our attention. We also talked about how important it is to teach your children at a young age about honesty, trust, the way God designed love/marriage/intimacy etc. 

One mom said that in their house there is a rule that children don't get a cell phone until 13. She and her husband thought this was a good idea until their 10 year old came home and had seen pornography via another 10 year old friend's cell phone. I mean can you believe?!?! 

I was talking to Matt about this at dinner the other night and we were just talking about how important it is to raise up our children to understand right versus wrong and to be the ones who are speaking first into their lives about so many issues. In this case, specifically, sex/intimacy, etc. 

We went back to something we established before we were even married that we heard about while listening to a sermon. The speaker said "There aren't 10 minutes in a day that go by when my spouse and I don't know where the other person is." That was HUGE for us. The world says, "My spouse doesn't need to know where I am unless they don't trust me." What Matt and I say and believe is: "We know where each other is at any given time BECAUSE we trust each other, we value our marriage, we KNOW that satan is alive and fighting against our marriage. 

We know each other's passwords to EVERY account. We have nothing to hide. We plan to know all passwords to our children's accounts. We plan to limit and monitor phone and iPad time and computer time...just like we do now, just on a different level. 

All of this to say, those of us who are married and love the Lord MUST fight for our marriage. We MUST guard our hearts. We MUST guard our time. We MUST guard our eyes. We MUST remember that while God is fighting for us, satan is still there fighting against us. 

The Good news? God WINS!


  1. THIS THIS THIS!!!! I love it! I appreciate that Ryan and I have that same kind of openness with each other's accounts! This week I had to get into his email to look for some contact info on a business email. I was trying not to read because I feared there were Valentine's secrets in there that I didn't want to spoil. I will TAKE those secrets!!

  2. You're absolutely right, if we're not careful Satan will slip in to destroy. A happy marriage takes work!

  3. Very good points, Leslie. Ugh, cell phones and Facebook and porn scares me so much - I worry about my boys as they grow! I think we will have a group kids cell phone for all of our kids to take turns using when they are away from home, and we are honestly going to be very picky about who we are friends with and whose houses we let them go to - and then just pray a lot!