Thursday, February 4, 2016

20 Weeks {An Update on MMM2}

Last week, we had our anatomy scan which means I'm over half way through this pregnancy. As of this post, I'm nearly 22 weeks!!

Baby's heart rate was 169. Such a sweet sweet sound...

All looked well and baby is measuring right on target. 

We did not find out the gender but we did as we did with our pregnancy with Mason, we had it written down and will send it to a friend who will make a few embroidered items for us to have and open at the hospital. Such a fun thing for us. 

Mason came with us to the appointment and he brought his doctor's kit in case he needed to help out! Love that guy!

They prescribed me an antibiotic to see if I could knock out this cold that has been lingering. I think it helped. 

The reflux is better and I'm taking Zantac as needed right now. I want to use more natural methods but I've got to get it under control first. I am tired of coughing so much from refluxing that I throw up. I hope to try the apple cider vinegar soon. Fingers crossed. :)

Everything else is good with baby. I've started to feel some slight movement so that's exciting!! 


  1. I didn't know you did that with Mason, too! How sweet! We found out Girl for Jaina at 18 weeks, Boy for Jayce at 20 weeks, but we kept #3 a surprise. It was so fun, especially since we had one of each already and Jocelyn was going to be our last baby :)