Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Open Letters {15}

Dear Mason,

PHEW! I'm so glad we finally got you a haircut. You were King Mullet for a while there!!


Yo' Mama!

Dear Mammy (Grammy), 

Thanks for making Mason a scarf and sending it to him. He LOVES it!

Love, All of us

Dear Cars, 

I know you are glad we decided to wash you. You were FILTHY!!!

Love, Your Owners

Dear Moes, 

Thank you for the BOGO burrito coupon. Thank you, too, for the kids eat for 99 cents night. Our family of three all had burritos and it was less than $9. We loved that!

Burrito Lovers

Dear Politics, 



Dear Husband, 

I love you so. 

Your girl

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