Tuesday, February 23, 2016

The Morgan's Movements {Mid-February 2016}

Wow, how is it already the later part of February?!?!
A few weeks ago, I found this table that my Mom gave us. Mason is now at the right age for it and he has enjoyed it so much! 

"Say 'Cheese!!'"

We headed to Kindergym two Fridays ago and it was snowing. It was pure craziness. It snowed for about 1-1.5 hours and less than 3 hours later, it was all gone.

(getting a little taste of snow.)

Mason enjoyed some tent time recently. Oh, I just love it so!

The day before Valentine's Day, we had planned a quiet day at home with lots of family time. My mom had given Matt some awesome bacon back a few months ago and we had been saving it for the perfect day. When he opened this package there were definitely fist pumps happening!

He sous chef was assisting from afar. Meanwhile, I was in the bed because this was my morning to sleep in. :)


That same day, we also put up Baby #2's crib. Mason was saying "My bed" but as the time passed, he has been saying it's for baby and he LOVES to crawl underneath it and read. :)

Coolest kid around!! 

YOMO dates are our favorite. BOGO YOMO dates are even better!!!

We came home to a sweet Valentine from our neighbor, Mrs. Phoebe, for Mason. I mean, really!?! The best!

Sunday morning, I woke up feeling puny but I had to work that day so I hurried to work while the guys went to church. Blah for that!

That afternoon I felt slightly better and I stole lots of kisses from Mason. He obviously was not a fan. ;-)

Well, maybe he was. :)

Valentine's night we headed to a MOPS dinner event which involved wives feeding their husbands donuts with their eyes closed. FUN times and LOTS of food information and wisdom on communication in marriage. :)

Monday morning was a complete lazy day at home!

That night I made shepherd's pie and that stuff was LEGIT!! YUM!!!

Tuesday we enjoyed some painting, playdoh and lots of other fun.

And Mom sent me a fun treat in the mail. Love it!

 Afternoon playtime...OUTSIDE!!!

See? It's his favorite place!

Gold brick eggs and Heavenly Hash eggs are at my momma's house courtesy of my stepdad which means Easter is close and there will be in our house SOON!!!

We have had some beautiful weather lately which meant park time has returned. YAY!

Mason and I had a dinner date when Matt went to youth. This was his response when I asked him to smile. this boy!

More time outside! YES!!! It's our favorite right now!

We've been practicing some potty time, too. Doesn't he look the cutest?!?!

Gah! I love him!

He's also a graffiti artist, apparently!

Our book reading table is also good for a snack table. Who knew!?!

Saturday was our family day in Greenville! We had the best time! After voting, we headed to Stax Original for a yummy breakfast. It was a bit of a wait so we had to get creative with our entertainment. :)

 I love these guys so much. Can't wait to add another little bit to this fun!

After breakfast, we did a little (unsuccessful) shopping for maternity clothes and then we headed to the zoo. We hoped to catch a glimpse of Tatu, the new baby giraffe, but it was too chilly for him. 

We continued the day with AWESOME lunch at Whole Foods, some mall exploring, and came home and crashed. It was a FUN day and a great end to mid-February! 

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  1. Not to zone in on the food amid all the truly adorable pictures of your family - but these eggs of which you speak - tell me more! I've not heard of them and I feel I may be missing out.