Monday, February 15, 2016

Open Letters {17}

Dear Mason,

Two is so fun and so not fun at the same time. But you know what? I love you to the moon and back no matter what.


Dear Friends, 

You guys are awesome! It's so fun filling our week with playdates and fun activities with our friends. We are so blessed. 

The Morgans

Dear USPS, 

I have always loved receiving mail and it seems that Mr. Mason has inherited this love as well. I say "Mason, want to go check the mail?" and he is out the door before me!


Dear Comfy PJs, 

Sometimes you just don't get enough credit for being so comfy. Well, today, I salute you! Thanks for helping me stay comfy and happy. 

A happy girl who loves comfort

Dear Reflux, 

You are seriously not my friend. I may have mentioned it before but I need to say it again: You stink! I'm tired of you. Go away. K, thanks, bye. 

A pregnant Lady

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