Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Mason's Assessment

I mentioned last week that we had some concern about Masons' speech articulation. We had an assessment completed to see what the results were. Unfortunately, the assessment didn't fully assess speech articulation like I had hoped. It did, however, show us that Mason is SMART! He has learned so much in just 2 years and 3 months of his life. In some areas, he is scoring at nearly a 4 year old level. In other areas, he is right on target. That was so refreshing to hear and honestly, we weren't totally surprised by that since we interact with his everyday.

After discussing the results and knowing that Mason doesn't qualify for speech services going this route, we decided to wait a couple months and see how Mason does. He is starting to speak more clearly in certain instances and we are just four months away from welcoming another Morgan so we don't want to overload ourselves.

Thanks for caring about us and supporting our family and our sweet boy. We are grateful for him!

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  1. Unfortunately, due to budget cuts, BabyNet now makes a child have to have TWO delays in two different areas or one SEVERE delay on one area to qualify for help. It doesn't mean that help isn't needed... it just means that Babynet won't pay for it. Jocelyn didn't pull to standing or walk until she was almost 2, but Babynet wouldn't cover her until she was over 18 months, even though babies typically walk between 12-15 months because she had no other delays. Jayce had 5 delays (and speech was severe) so he got covered right away. We had to do private OT out of pocket for Jocelyn because I knew she needed orthotic braces and help learning to stand. It was frustrating.