Monday, February 1, 2016

Mason {An Update}

Three months have passed by since Mason turned 2 and that means three months have passed since I did a little update on our sweet boy! Matt took these pictures a couple of weeks ago when we had our staycation. I love "portrait" type pictures but honestly, a boy in leaves and play clothes, that's what we have right now. And. I. Love. It!


--Mason is still an excellent sleeper. He naps 1-3 each day and sleeps 7-7 each night. He loves to play before he goes to sleep. Its fun to listen to him chatter in his bed. 

--Mason LOVES bath time. Matt does bath with him every other night and they have the best time. He loves bubbles and his color tabs. 

--Mason enjoys playing with his table top play kitchen that he got for Christmas. He likes to make soup. :)

--This boy loves to be outside. He wants to have his black rubber boots on and splash in water, kick the leaves, rake and use his shovel. It's THE best!

--Curious George is still the favorite show in this house.

--We like to do crafts together...painting, coloring, using markers and glue. You name it and Mason probably likes it. 

--Mason is talking a TON but his speech isn't super clear and intelligible at this point. He's got over 200 words but Matt and I are the ones who understand him best. We are discussing how to proceed with helping him with his speech.

--While we are slightly concerned about his articulation and intelligibility, we are NOT concerned about his comprehension. This guy follows 2 and 3 step commands, responds appropriately to yes/no questions, remembers EVERYTHING!

--Mason has a few apps on the iPad that he likes to play including Granny's Preschool, Fishing with Grandpa and a couple of others. He gets to play for a short time each day and he loves it.

--Mason can match all of his letters and he can identify about half of them when we ask him to point to them. He's learned several colors, numbers and shapes and we are working on those daily.

--Mason likes to help us in the kitchen. We have recently had his help stirring and mixing various things and he likes to "help".

--Mason LOVES his buddy, Anna, who he calls "NeNe". He is always asking about her. :)

--We try to go to Kindergym each Friday at our YMCA and it's a great way for him to let our energy. He comes home worn out!

--We are getting back into storytime. We used to go weekly but when Mason became more mobile but was still in the stage of not fully listening or understanding, we stopped going because it wore me out. We have been again a few times recently and he did much better. So, hopefully, we make that part of our routine again.

--Mason is VERY independent. He wants to walk by himself, brush his teeth by himself, etc. You name it, he wants to do it BY. HIMSELF!

--Mason seems excited about the baby. Obviously, he has a lot to realize over the next several months but the general thought of a new baby makes him smile. 

--Our sweet boy loves his Momma but he especially LOVES his Daddy! When Matt pulls up at work from being gone all day, the world stops!

--Speaking of love, every time I ask Mason who loves him, he says "GiGi" which is true but HELLO, he's supposed to say momma!!

--Mason went through a phase of not eating as well as he had been. But lately he seems to have moved passed that and is eating well again. One day recently, I think he ate as much as Matt did for dinner. Pure craziness!

--Mason is a sweet boy. He still gives us kisses and hugs and he loves to snuggle just before bed each night.

--Reading is a huge favorite at our house. We recently were gifted some Curious George books so those are the go-to books right now. But sometimes, I walk past his room and he's just pulling books out and reading them. :)

--Mason's laugh is the BEST. He is super ticklish most of the time and his laugh his contagious!

--We are still participating in MOMS Club events and MOPS event but not as frequently these days. It seems like the schedule is FULL and we try to keep time at home as a priority, too.

--We are looking forward to a couple of day/weekend trips coming up before the baby comes. We hope to go to the Riverbanks Zoo for sure. We may go to one other place, too. It's still up in the air.

--Mason likes to say: "No, I do." So fun and also not fun. ;-)

--We try to visit with Grandmom and Granddad at least every two weeks. And Mason LOVES going to their apartment. "Ganma" "Ganda"

--Life is full with this guy. He wakes up happy and with the exception of the occasional rough day, he is usually happy. He loves to smile and laugh and is so FUN!

--Enjoy a few more pictures of our sweet boy!







  1. Sweet boy!! The speech part reminds me of our nephew and of our friend's son, both of whom are right around Mason's age. They are super smart and social and kindhearted and all boy - and all the things you described here, but they struggle to talk! In our nephew's case, they suspect it's largely because his older sister has always done his talking for him and he's never had a need to say much, but the other little one is the oldest child in his family, so he doesn't have anyone taking over for him. Anyway, in both cases, they are as sweet and wonderful as Mason, so maybe they are all just waiting for the right time to surprise everyone with their speech!! Good job to you and Matt for raising a kind-hearted and fun-loving son!

  2. He is so precious!! And I love the pictures!! :)