Wednesday, July 13, 2016

A Morning at the Lake {July 2016}

Monday morning, we headed up to Lake Bowen early to have a breakfast picnic with Grandmom and Granddad. The weather was beautiful and started cool slowly warming as the morning progressed. 

We had bacon and tomato sandwiches, deviled eggs, muffins, watermelon, juice and coffee. It was an interesting combination but we decided afterward that it could not have been more perfect!

The guys fished some and aside from some "I'm two and I push boundaries" situations with Mason, we had a delightful time! 

Mason chased a few geese to get his and their blood pumping. :) 

After breakfast, the guys headed to the water and Grandmom, Maddox and I hung out.

I love these two. Maddox was a BIG fan of Grandmom! 

Mason ended his fishing time in the WATER!! He was happy about that! 

Feeding the geese our leftover bread. :) I'm assuming they were happy because it wasn't even stale! 

The much love for this little one. Sweet sleeping babies are pretty awesome. 

Ta-da! ;)

Our group!
To keep it real, this was right before he got in trouble for running away from with a two year old!

Thanks, Grandmom and Grandad for a FUN morning! 


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