Friday, July 22, 2016

Mason Says...{And Does} {6}

This big boy in our house is such a funny one.

I'm not sure how, but he's fully aware of his bodily functions and knows that they are funny. The other night, he got out of the bath and before getting dressed, he walked into the living room nude and said "Watch dis" and tooted. Oh boy....

Mason was in the bathroom brushing his teeth one night and he said "pivacy" and we cracked up because we always tell him "I need some privacy." So, we gave him privacy. We re-entered the bathroom to find him washing all of the toothbrushes with handsoap...haha!

I asked Mason to tell Maddox what he liked to eat. Mason sat for a second and he said " Ma-miks!" and he continued to pretend to eat his toes, etc. :)

"Mason, what do we need from the grocery store?"
"Milk. Treats!!" 

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