Friday, July 8, 2016

Mason Says...{And Does} {5}

One afternoon I was super tired because I didn't get the chance to rest while the boys napped. I told Mason, "Momma's tired!" He said "ma, go seep!" :)

On that same day, Maddox was super fussy and Mason was standing at the bedroom door saying, "Baby go seep. go seep!"

Mason LOVES the show Super Why right now and the song at the end is "HipHip Hooray!" and Mason puts his hands on his hips as he sings the song and dances to it. THE BEST!!! 

Whenever Mason was here with my Mom while we were in the hospital with Maddox, one afternoon, he finished a show, turned the TV off, went to his room and asked to nap. Love him!

Mason saw me nursing Maddox one afternoon and said "Me eat pllleeeeaaasseee?" We knew it would happen as least once!

Matt came in one afternoon and said "It is so hot out there my hair almost caught on fire." Mason ran fast to his room and got his firetruck and "hosed" off Matt's hair!!

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