Friday, July 29, 2016

Storytime is the BEST time!

After we went to Eden Terrace, we went home for naps and after that, we got out of the house fast for story time. I figured, we were already dressed and used to being out so we might as well do it big! 

It was Maddox's first story time. He wasn't sure what the fuss was all about. It was quite a yawn for him. :)

We have been to this particular story time a few times and it's always been great. This time was no different except that we were literally the only people there! The leader, four volunteers and us. After first, I was nervous about that but Mason ended up loving it. He got to answer all of the questions, do all of the activities, etc. It was perfect! 
(Disclaimer: We definitely prefer story times with friends but for this day, it was just what we needed!) 

Matching Momma animals with their babies. 



Getting all of the attention from some of the student volunteers! These guys did such an awesome job helping out! 

"Hey Mom! Remind me again what we're doing here!?" 

Ice cream and story time? DOUBLE WIN!!! 

The leader had paint ice cubes to paint the ice cream craft. She said she just mixed paint about half and half with water and frozen them with popsicles sticks. It was a great idea and made some cool art! 

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