Tuesday, July 12, 2016

The Morgan's Movements {Early July 2016}

The part of July is over and it's been pretty great for these Morgans! 
I'm learning more and more that this guy LOVES one on one time. He wants some extra attention some days and these facial expressions sure make it easy to do just that! 

This guy? Best. Dad. Ever. Sleeping snuggles at 1:58 a.m.

Little one is changing every day and it's so fun to watch!

Maddox is still trying to figure out if he's a fan of our craziness. haha!

Our sweet friends, The H fam, came by to visit. A was quite smitten with Maddox-man!

Oh, 2. You are exhausting. Wrestling, pushing, etc. We are learning boundaries, slowly but surely!

Brother time is the best time! I have said it so much already but I cannot wait to see these two grow up together. So grateful to be able to be their mom.

Evening snuggles with our best boy!

We had our first experience of Maddox screaming in the car while we drove down the road. Mason wasn't a fan...

We have a favorite donut shop but it's about 30 minutes away. We kicked off Matt's two weeks of time off by driving there for yumminess. It did not disappoint! 

My three guys. Maddox's face gets me!

Our city just had a new Smoothie King open up and we got some awesome coupons so we had to check it out! (Don't worry, Matt got one, too.)

I love this baby boy. Trying to catch a decent infant expression on camera is a bit tricky!

Fluffy hair!

Momma and her boys


Wake time....not so much!

For the 4th of July, we made some firework art!

Then some fun pool time! (on the 3rd of July)

Our outdoor toys were wayyyyy past due for a washing. Mason was happy to assist Matt with the process.

my oh my...no words.

Morgan family reading time!

This outfit was gifted to Mason by Matt's sister. It continues on.

Helping Momma with the middle of the night feeding.

The 4th of July brought some fun outside time! Mr. Dean came over to say hi.

You guys, this kid is so sweet. He always wants to help...even with pumping! :)

How sweet friends, Rachel and Rick, passed through town and stopped for a visit. We know they had a long trip so we are so grateful they stopped to see us! We don't get to see them often but we love them!


We purchased a balance bike for Mason on sale several months back and had intended to give it to him over a month ago. We didn't get to do it until last weekend and he loves it! It's a great bike and hopefully hold up for little bro, too! 

Park fun is great!

This guy is hilarious...

We attempted brother bath time...let's just say that won't be happening for a while longer. It was a little too chaotic for us! haha!

All clean!

One night we let Mason stay up after bedtime and watch a movie. We watched The Lorax and ate popcorn. It was such a fun time!

This makes me so happy! Four Morgans on the steps. :)

A fort, a fort! This makes boys happy.

Those eyes...

Matt got to go fishing with Granddad one morning and he was in his happy place!

This guy? He's a character.

Two boys, two fish and a momma!

Wide eyed for tummy time.

Assistance from big brother and the fish.

This is Maddox grunting, cooing etc and Mason saying "mhmm, uhhuh, mhmm, uhhuh."



such a sweet love...

just teaching him everything I know.

Snug as a bug in a rug after bath time.

Bike riding fun!!!

Thursday afternoon, I went out to meet a friend for lunch and I had to have a picture to prove that I got dressed!! :)

Three guys...Mason is helping to burp Maddox. :)

Lunch was delicious Mexican food and dessert was an ice cream flight at Hub City Scoops...amazing!!

After my time out, I went home and got Mason and took him to the library. He was pumped about the hat I brought him from the ice cream shop.

That night? Glow in the dark dance party!!



We were snuggling for a movie one afternoon and Mason just put his arm on my leg and rubbed. sweet guy

At some point in the recent past, we got some Kool-aid at the grocery store. One day last week, Matt and Mason made it and Mason was a HUGE fan! He drinks milk and water 95% of the time so this was BIG TIME!

Family climbing, er, reading time. :)

Praise Jesus!

I just love them so.

One afternoon, I took Mason out and Matt taught Maddox about fishing tackle. :)

Look at these eye lashes!!

and this hair!

Saturday morning was Golden Corral breakfast. Mason insisted on his "serious" face before his smiling face. :)

And as always, it ended with chocolate covered strawberries.

Maddox was bored with it all. :)

We live super close to a regional airport so Matt took Mason Saturday after breakfast. Mason found a praying mantis on the way in.

Sometimes, baby snuggles are a necessity for me and Momma snuggles are a necessity for him. It's a win-win!

After church Sunday, Matt had to run by Grandmom and Granddad's. Mason showed Granddad all of his fishing tackles and he showed Grandmom his current favorites for library books.

Meanwhile, Maddox and I hung out!

Double Chin!!!

Sunday afternoon snuggles. THE. BEST!

Even ordinary meals are a laugh these days. haha!

We ended early July with a cookie, ice cream and Person of Interest date night. Love this man SO! 

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