Thursday, July 21, 2016

The Morgan's Movements {Mid-July 2016}

Mid-July was wonderful for these Morgans! Matt was off of work for most of the time and it was awesome to have him home.

I started it off by snuggling this little sugar dumpling. Oh, I love him so!!

Matt and Mason started it off with a movie visit. Curious George on the big screen was a dream come true for Mason! Matt said "You can pick whatever seat you want." Mason picked the first one. haha!

Cow Appreciation Day!!! MOOO!!!!

Brother Time continues to be the best. :)

I got my free CFA, too, and a yummy royal blizzard. YUMMO!!

Mason woke up one morning throwing up. :( So, that meant lots of movies, water and snuggles.

Silly boy feeling better!

Mason said "My own coffee" and Matt helped him fix some. Decaf, half water, lots of milk :)

Reading time is so much fun these days.

Little smirks...They started coming right as Maddox turned 5 weeks old and we cannot get enough of them!

I have TWO sons!! I love it so!


Bath time!!

Tummy time makes him sleepy.

My THREE guys. Love them so.

Early morning (half) smiles

My three guys again. Mason sat down, remembering what happened the day before and said "CHEESE!!!"

I took my buddy out with me to run errands. We had FUN!

Matt and Mason had some park play time and were sweating. They ended it with ice cream. Excellent choice!!

We decided to make Friday nights family nights since Mason is getting older and can handle staying up a little later. This Friday, we watched Despicable Me and had yummy snacks.

Saturday morning, we were all up and ready to go to the Farmer's Market. We picked up some excellent produce and got some breakfast, too. Mason was proud of his cinnamon roll!

Target had all of their summer items on clearance and I got some outdoor string lights. We hung them in Mason's (and soon to be Mason's and Maddox's) room and they are perfect!

Y'all, I LOVE sneaking pics of this guy. Gotta do it now before he gets super mobile. :)



Matt has been wanting to play in the rain with Mason for a long time. They finally got the chance this past weekend. YAY!

Love this onesie!


Mom sent Mason a little dollar store toy drawing pad. He sat in the seat and said "Hmmm" trying to decide what to draw. :)

More sweet snuggles

Mason wants to get into the Rock and Play sooooo badly! I told him he couldn't so he got Elmo instead. :)

Park play time...Maddox's first trip to the park even though I didn't get him in a pic.


Sweet loves

Mason loves to help burp Maddox. :)

Brother bathtime. We all survived!

All clean!

Maddox found the bird today (7/19) AND he also rolled over from belly to back, too!

WOW! We had so much fun. This summer is hot but we haven't minded. :) 

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