Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Maddox: {Month 1}

Maddox is ONE MONTH OLD!!! How time flies! Let's see what's going on with little man!

Weight: On June 21st, he was 7 pounds, 11 ounces and he has really filled out more since then. I'm guessing here but I'm going to say 8.5-9 pounds.

Height: Again, on June 21st, he was 20.5 inches so I'm guessing between that and 21 inches.  

Nicknames: Maddox-Man, Brother, Little Bit, Bugga Bugs

Eating: Maddox is eating every three hours except from 9:00pm to around 2:00 a.m. We are letting him have a longer stretch then and he's sleeping most often that full time. In the next two-three weeks, we will start stretching out the feedings at night. He's eating 3 ounce bottles of breastmilk. We were working hard to nurse but we were having some significant issues that were just made easier by me pumping and us feeding via bottle. We are all happier this way and little man is fed. That's all that matters!

Sleeping: With our three hour schedule, Maddox is usually awake between 45 to 75 minutes and then he is napping the remainder of the three hour cycle. Like I said, at night, he's getting a longer stretch. He sleeps mainly in his crib in our room but occasionally, we are using the Rock and Play, usually when he's got some gas/reflux issues. He's a great sleeper overall but he still can't decide if he loves or hates the swaddle...haha!

Diapers: Just moved up to size 1 diapers last week. They are a little big but we were out of newborn so we just moved up into the size we have. We will work toward cloth once he isn't pooping 47 times a day. ;-)

Clothes: Some newborn still and moving into size 0-3 months as well.

Social: Beginning to look around more with the tiniest bit of focus on our faces when we get up close. Some reflexive smiling going on and lots of grunts, cooing etc happening! 

New/fun things from this month: Honestly, so much of the month is a tad blurry! But one funny story is that Mason walked up to Maddox one day and gave him a kiss and Maddox then burped LOUDLY! Mason was cracking up as were the rest of us!

Maddox is a HUGE burper and it's quite hilarious.

his brother
the bouncer seat
his pacifier
sometimes being swaddled for sleeping

sometimes being swaddled for sleeping
sometimes riding in the car
when we ignore him...haha!

see above; not much more for this list just yet!

Mommy: doing well overall. trying to figure out this mom of two gig but happy in the process; grateful for my mom's help for 2+ weeks after Maddox arrived and grateful for Matt's constant help, too!

Daddy: just got to start a two week period of time off from work! Loves being a Dad to two boys and is a HUGE help all around.

Mason:  LOVES his little brother; huge helped for grabbing a burp cloth, the bottle, etc. He is learning boundaries and how to not love QUITE so hard! :)


Comparison Pictures:

One Month:

Mason vs. Maddox (1 Month) 


  1. Sigh of baby LOVE!!!!!!!!! What a sweetie. AND HOW IN THE WORLD HAS IT BEEN A MONTH!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

  2. Bekah, I KNOW!!!! He's pretty much the best!

  3. I'm so sorry nursing at the breast didn't work out! I would have been happy to help!