Friday, December 29, 2017

Mason Says & Does {24}

"Mason, who made you so handsome?"
"Y'all did!" 😍

One afternoon before nap, I told Mason he had thirty minutes to play. He said, "What!?! But that is only half an hour!!" How does he know this!?

Mason and Mom
"I hope Santa will bring me a present."
"Like what?"
"A sled for the snow"
"It might not snow for Christmas."
Yes it will. Remember we saw it on that movie?"

In an effort to tell me he was still hungry..."Mom, my belly is still flat!"

Mason created a game one afternoon and came to find me: "Mom , Maddox doesn't understand the rules of this!"

To Maddox one day: "Rudolph is a da-da" 😂😂😂

While picking gifts for the angel tree at church: "Get orange Mom. His favorite color is probably orange.  And get a hat, too! He probably needs a hat!"

While watching Rudolph, "Oh no! Rudolph got dead!"
Also while watching..."Dad, when does the movie start?" Matt replied that it had already. "But all they are doing is talking!"

"Your eyes are pretty, Mom. I like your eyelashes. I just like all of you!"

He was concerned when Matt's dad was in the hospital dealing with back pain. "He needs to get an X-ray over him and they can see what the problem is!"

When riding home with Matt one morning, he asked Matt to roll the window down. Matt told him it would be cold. Mason said, "Okay, let me put my sunglasses on." 

"Mom, we should have a farm one day. And when we go out of town, they (our friends who have a farm) can take care of our animals." 😊

"I'm thankful for GiGi." Just completely on a whim one day. 

Making up his own Christmas songs..."Frosty the snowman was singing jingle bells and he had a nose that jings." 😂

"Mom! That is a nice coat." when I put on a jacket I had not worn in a long time. Makes a girl feel good. :) 

"Mom, my dance moves are better than yours." 

When he sneezed, "Bless you myself." 

"I will take my name and throw it in the trash and name myself PopPop." 😂

When discussing dinner one night with Matt's parents and glazed carrots were brought up: "Glazed carrots? I like glazed donuts!" 

Mason didn't want to take a bath because "just my hands are dirty!" 

We saw a reindeer inflatable and Mason said, "Look, Mom, Rudolph!" 
I said, "I don't think that's Rudolph because he has a brown nose." 
"No mom, his father hides his red nose to help him stay safe from the abominable snow monster." 
Well, okay then!

What were you favorite parts of our Louisiana trip, Mason? 
"Playing in the puddles. Playing with the puppies and PawPaw's tight hugs!" 

We had a book to open each day from December 1st-25th and Mason started calling them: The book of the day of the day. :) 

Mason, please move the swords.
"But's it is raining and we need them to fight dragons!" 

I spelled P I N K I P A D and Mason said, "You mean 'pink ipad?'" 😳

When we asked Mason on Christmas what the best part of his day was, he said, "When Grandmom and Granddad came." Man, did that make us all smile! 

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