Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Adventures With Friends

Two weeks ago, Mason was missing his buddy big time! He asked if she could come over soon and we were able to get a whole morning with her! 
We played at home for a few minutes and then headed to Hatcher Garden aka Mason's favorite place on earth. ;-)

A little ant smashing on the way there...

I was shocked because it was soooo dry! 

Little Explorers. This was right before Mason's stick got tossed into the water by his bud. Oh the tears...Hey, it's part of life and you know, he's done the same to her before so whatcha gonna do.


Trying to catch a frog...

Earthworms are fun! 

Searching for turtles...no luck. 

After an adventure, they needed sustenance. :) 

We love adventure days with friends! 

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