Monday, September 11, 2017

The Morgan's Movements {Week 36}

Whoa! What a fun full week we have had! Labor Day was Monday and Matt had the day off. He told me Sunday night that he wanted to let me sleep in and relax. That was an extra special treat since I was already going to have the coming weekend to myself. He's the best. He got the boys up, dressed, went to breakfast and to the park. 

We had a lazy morning and then I took my guys to Moe's. We had a free burrito and my guys shared it. Happy, indeed! 

The rest of Monday was just chill. Hanging out, relaxing, being together.  Tuesday morning did feel like it came too soon as usual. 
How cute are this guys? 

That evening, Matt mowed and the boys and I watched Sing. They had to take a few peeks at Dad, too! 

Wednesday was back to speech. It is now 30 minutes each time so Maddox wasn't so hard to contain. :) That was a blessing! 

And this is life with Maddox...Silly boy! 

Mason and I put up some decoration for Halloween after school work. He was SOOOO proud! 

When Maddox woke up, he immediately pointed them out, Maddox went over, looked up and smiled so big! Notice we put them high so Maddox couldn't reach! 

It was our first family story time in several weeks. It was as crazy as usual. :) 

Thursday morning we had dentist appointments which I'll share about soon. Then Matt, his mom and the boys loaded up and headed to Montgomery. Mason insisted the bunny glasses have their place. :) 

When we planned this trip for them, we decided I'd stay behind. I have had some things around the house on my list for a while so this was a great time for doing it. I immediately got to work when they left and by Friday morning, my work was done. 

After I got half of my work done Thursday, I headed to Public for BOGO Halo Top! 

Then my friends invited me to Moe's for dinner. I love those Hammitt girls!! 

Meanwhile, the boys made it to Montgomery in excellent time, had an early CiCi's dinner and got plenty of play time at PopPop and Grammy's before bed! 


Friday morning, I worked some and then Matt sent me some pics of them. Tons of helicopters were flying over MGM and Mason was thrilled! He played a game with Grammy while listening for them. 

They hit the Museum of Fine Arts. Can you tell what Mason drew? 

Every Morgan boy got a nap and then at snack time, Maddox hogged the veggie straws! 

Dinner was at a newer Mexican place in Montgomery that Mr. Rob and Mrs. Claire have raved about called Sol. Matt said he will never eat other Mexican the same again! 

Meanwhile, I treated myself to Jason's Deli! 

They followed up dinner with a car wash trip. Morgan Boy Heaven! Mason said, "Mom! They live by a car wash!!" 

Mr. Rob wasn't planning to vacuum but Mason insisted. :) 


Maddox LOVES sitting up so high in their van! 

Worn out! 

I purchased this giraffe print from TJ Maxx and then I told Matt he wasn't allowed to leave again because I didn't need to shop. 😂😂😂

These folks had such a good time in Montgomery! Saturday morning sillies! 


Maddox said, "MMMM" to bacon! 


The boys enjoyed snacks and football and Maddox said, "GO GO GO!" 

Grandmom and Granddad invited me to dinner and it was treat! Adult conversation and yummy food! 

Yeah...Maddox needed a bath! 

Dessert silliness! 

Finishing the trip with I Spy and time by the pool. 


Lots of fun wears you out! 

What a fun week. It'll be hard to top that one! 

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