Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Come & Eat by Bri McKoy {A Book Review}

Come & Eat by Bri McKoy was a completely delightful read. I am a person who has always loved hosting and inviting others over. However, in the last several years, it hasn't happened much. There have been many excuses, most of which aren't very good one, and this book put all of that into perspective for me. 

In each chapter, McKoy shares about something we should bring to the table while also sharing about different tables we encounter in our lives. Some tables are full of joy while others may be painful. I loved that she was able to give examples from her own life and about how she and husband truly feel called to gather around the table in all situations of life. 

The main thing that caught my attention was just the reminder that our tables don't need to be fancy, they don't need to be extravagant, while that is certainly fine, too! They just need to be welcoming, they need to be available to whoever may be able to come and sit at the table with us. 

McKoy shares recipes all throughout the book and then at the end gives a 21 day challenge with a recipe for each day. These recipes are filling and fun and even a bit unique at times. I loved the entire concept of this book and felt like it was conveyed well and in a excellently written manner. I already know who I'll be passing this book along to in the future! 

**I received this copy for free.**

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