Saturday, September 30, 2017

What I Learned {September 2017}

Let's see what we learned in good ole September...I did not do a good job of keeping up with this as I try to do so I'm going to do my best with recall. :) 

1. 36 hours alone is enough!
Earlier this month, Matt took the boys for a weekend at his parents. I had some work to do, some house chores and organizing to do and I just enjoyed some quiet time. I told Matt about 36 hours in that I was good. :) It was fun, it was enjoyable but I'll take my guys anyway of the week and the occasional 24 hours alone. :) 

2. Crockpot chicken is a NO GO!
I made a recipe for chicken pot pie in the crockpot and it. was. terrible. Yeah, not much else to say! 

3. Too much time in the house can make us ALL cranky! 
Over the past two weeks, all four of us have been sick at one time or another and we were incredibly stir crazy and then we got cranky. It was unpleasant at times! 

4. Migraines are very hard for me to tolerate. VERY HARD! 
When I was sick, I had what I'm assuming was a migraine. It was worse than c-section pain. For real! I get headaches maybe once a year and I have never had one like this. I didn't want to be touched. I wanted a dark quiet room and that was it. Thankfully, it lasted less than 24 hours but man, that was a tough day! 

5. New seasons of shows make me extra happy! 
All of our shows are back!! YAHOO!!! I love fresh seasons for our favorite shows and new shows in general. Matt is excited, too! 

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