Thursday, September 28, 2017

Greek Fest 2017

One our favorite events in Spartanburg is the Greek Fest. The first few years we lived here, we were always out of town for it. It became a sort of joke because we never thought about it and we would always miss! 
Two years ago, we attended and it was pouring rain so it was fun but not the full effect. Then last year, we were potty training Mason so Matt went to get food and we ate it at home. 

This year, we all four went, the weather was beautiful and we had a great time! 

When we walked up, the band was breaking and the dancers were starting so we watched them for a bit. 

That didn't interest the boys long so we moved to the playground for a bit. 

Love him so. 


After a little play, we headed inside to eat. We shared souvlaki, pastichio, spanakopita, a roll and greek potatoes. So delicious.  

After that, we headed to the few inflatables they had set up. 



We sent this picture to our friends because they had been working hard on replacing water line and we were proud! 

I tried to get a pic with Maddox but he was too into that darn fork. 😂

Mason played on the slide and then on the two big bounce houses. 




A lady gave us their last ticket because they weren't going to use it. Matt used it to take Maddox on the slide while Mason was jumping. Maddox LOVED it! Then we asked Mason what he wanted to do. He had three tickets which was enough for the big bounce house once or for all three guys to do the slide several times. We were surprised and proud that he picked the slide and they all loved it! 

Video proof that Maddox LOVED it! 

After playing, we headed for dessert and then some dancing! 






It was a fun couple of hours and I loved that time together! 

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