Monday, September 25, 2017

The Morgan's Movements {Week 38}

Man, this week was bonkers. We had several things planned and then the boys ended up with a fever virus and it threw us for a loop for a few days. We recovered and moved into the fun! :) 

Mason and Matt headed to speech on Monday morning and while I was prepping some food for the week, Maddox was just playing so sweetly with the food toys.


Then, we attempted school. Mason and I have been doing school work when Maddox took his morning nap. Well, he gave up that nap in recent weeks so it was time to include him. It. Was. Bonkers. Surely it can only improve from here! 

Our neighbors were out of town for the week and they asked us to check their mail and get their newspaper. Mason was SO proud! 

Oh, just chillin'. 

I'm very thankful to have a doctor and a dentist to help take care of me around here. 

I was also terrified. 😂


Just checking out the lawn man next door. 

Maddox ended up with a fever first and Mason and I busted out to get yogurt. Little did we know he'd have fever the very next morning. 


BLAH! Wednesday morning came and fevers were there for both boys. Thankful for snuggles and lots of chill time. 

So big...

So sad...

Thursday came and everyone was feeling better! We stayed home until afternoon to give us that 24 hour window after fevers left the building. ;-)

I made muffins to bring a little bit of excitement to the day. YUM! 


AND! Mason finished one of the workbooks we started this year. He was so proud. Mostly because he finally got to get that big blue ribbon sticker from the back of the book. :) 

Well, that's one way to do it. 

And the guys busted out! FREE QUESO!

Friday morning, we were all ready to get out. Aldi, Errand, Consignment Sale, Library, fun! 

Sending emails. 

oh yeah! And one last stop at Home Depot to check out their Halloween goodness. :) 



SO sweet...he fell asleep between Home Depot and home...

Goodness, I love my older son! 

Matt sent me this picture...seems he was collecting a few bowls and utensils at work...

Friday night and Saturday morning, I attended a Women's Conference with Grandmom. So much fun! 


Meanwhile, the boys enjoyed time together including a Saturday breakfast and stroll with Granddad. 



Walking can wear you out! They needed a snack and rest to gear up for Greek Fest which was the perfect way to end the week. More on that later! 

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