Thursday, September 7, 2017

Maddox Says & Does {2}

When swords come out, Maddox says "Hiya!" 😂😂😂

We are working on animal sounds. Little Bit is not consistent but he's learned dog and lion pretty easily. He can also do chicken, duck, horse at times.

I combed Maddox's hair one morning and then let him play with the comb. He came running into the room and said, "HI YA!!" Guess anything can be a sword.

Matt spilled coffee grounds all over the floor and Maddox said, "Uh Oh!"

At a recent story time, Matt helped Maddox make a frog craft. Maddox ran into the house when they got home with the biggest smile on his face to show off the frog. He was SOOO proud!

He has typically said "Bye Bye" when it's time for bed. He recently started consistently saying "Night Night!"

When we were waiting for Mason at speech, he was so tired. He said, "Bye Bye, Night. Night."

Matt went to pick up Maddox from nap one day and Maddox stood up, smiled and said, "Dada."

I pulled out the fall decorations and Maddox is calling every pumpkin a ball. 😂

Maddox riding Rocking Ollie, "YEE HAW!"

Followed Mason into the bathroom, discovered his belly button and they literally giggled for a solid minute!

A few new words:

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