Friday, October 10, 2014

31 Days: Letters To Mason: Day 10

Dear Mason Matthew Morgan, 

Writing your whole name made me think about why we named you the name that we chose. Here's the story: 

When I was single, I came across the name Madeline and loved it. I also loved the name Marie because it was my aunt's name. I said from then forward that if I ever had a little girl, I wanted her to be named Madeline Marie. 

Then, I met your Dad and we got married and I shared the name with him and he loved it too. We realized if we were blessed with a daughter her name would be Madeline Marie Morgan with initials MMM. We began to talk about names for a son and decided that we definitely wanted our sons to bear their dad's name as well. That would make our sons' names (First Name) Matthew Morgan. We decided we would go with an "M" first name so all children would have initials MMM and began looking at and discussing names. We had several picked out that we liked and one day, we just looked at each other and said "It's Mason". It was like we just KNEW that our first son's name would be Mason. 

Before you were born (we didn't find out your gender ahead of time), we both just knew that you were going to be a boy...parent's instinct, I guess. When you arrived, they said "It's a boy! What's his name?" and your Dad and I both said quickly "Mason!" We just knew you were our Mason. 

We are so blessed you are our son!

Love, Mom

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