Thursday, October 9, 2014

31 Days: Letters To Mason: Day 9

Dear Mason, 

Today, I keep thinking about fun and funny things that you are currently doing. You are in such a fun stage. 

When your Dad and I kiss and you see us, you give a kiss, too. 

You are now grabbing onto things and bouncing up and down and dancing and then you laugh so much because you know that it's pretty awesome and funny!

You like to give us kisses and then quickly turn away and laugh while throwing your head back. 

You have this red ball that you pick up and put it into my mouth and then laugh and laugh and laugh. We have played this game over and over again and it's still just as hilarious to you as the first time. 

You love to stand at the front door and just watch the traffic go by. This can keep you entertained for quite a while. 

Speaking of doors, you love to go to the back door when your Dad is on his way home and wait for him to get there. When you see his face, you jump up and down and beat on the door. It's pretty darn awesome! 

You LOVE to look at the camera when the Facetime call is ringing but almost immediately after the person answers (usually GiGi) you turn away and do your thing. Silly boy!

We are having such a fun time with you. Love you big guy!


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