Wednesday, October 15, 2014

31 Days: Letters To Mason: Day 15

Dear Mason, 

Obviously, with your big birthday coming up and my writing these letters, I've been reminiscing a bit about your first year. We have had some fun times, for sure!

When I held you in the hospital room for the first time all alone, you looked up at me with big bright eyes. I took your picture and to this day, that grainy iPhone photo is probably one of my favorites. 

You had hiccups constantly in my belly and when you arrived, it was no different. Those little hiccups were the quietest and cutest little things at first. They would make your whole body shake!

You rolled over from belly to back at 1 month and we were blown away. We thought it was a fluke but you just kept on doing it. We decided you were an overachiever at 1 month. 

You love FaceTime. I'm not sure if you like looking at yourself or our family more. Either way, you are a big fan. 

You LOVE music and from what I can tell, you always have. You used to just get really calm when it came on, like it soothed you. Now, you like to dance it out!

You LOVE to play with your Daddy. You like to have him tickle you. You love Don't Wake Daddy. You just want to play with Daddy. 

Anytime you go to sleep, we sing the ABC song to you. This started when we first brought you home because of the alphabet wall in your room. Now, it's tradition and we sing it often. 

I've got more memories to share. I'll do that another day. 

Love you, 

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