Monday, October 13, 2014

31 Days: Letters To Mason: Day 13

Dear Mason,

One of my favorite things that you are doing right now is sniffing. When you laugh, you sniff your nose hard and scrunch it up. It is quite hilarious!

Yesterday morning, your Dad and I realized that you and I do this exact same thing. I mean, we look exactly the same. It's so fun to see things that you do similarly to your Dad and me.

These 10 month pictures show a little bit of that scrunchy nose but I must admit, you have perfected it now. I haven't caught it on camera yet because I just love looking at that sweet face when you do it!

I love to see that you, our sweet little boy, is much like your Dad and me. It's just added sweetness from the Lord above. 

We love you dearly Stinky Face, 

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