Saturday, October 18, 2014

31 Days: Letters To Mason: Day 18

Dear Mason, 

I've been thinking about some of our favorite things to do together. We spend much of our time at home  but we do have our fun activities, too. Like I mentioned last week, we LOVE MOPS and go twice a month. 

We also go to events with the MOMS club but not as often as we like just because of timing etc. 

Our favorite activity right now is storytime at the library. Our local library has it on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday each week. We have been to four or five different times but our favorite is on Thursday mornings at 11:00. The storytime is called "Rockin' Babies" and boy, do we rock! There is lots of music along with the books, nursery rhymes etc. You LOVE it and you are now clapping, bouncing and starting to "yelp" when we music starts. It's the absolute best! 

I love storytime with you! 


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