Sunday, October 26, 2014

31 Days: Letters To Mason: Day 26

Dear Mason,

Your Dad and I love traditions. We knew when we got married that we wanted to start some new traditions together. Birthday Traditions, Holiday Traditions, etc.

With your first birthday coming up, we have been thinking about and working on a few traditions to start for your birthday.

The first tradition is regarding wrapping your birthday gifts. I came up with the idea to wrap your gifts in newspaper. Not just any newspaper but the newspaper from November 1st, your birthday. For your first birthday, I am wrapping your gifts in the paper from the day you were born. For your next birthday, I will try to use the newspaper from this year and so on. Just a fun little tradition.

The second tradition is about candy!! One of your Dad's favorite things to do is go to the store the day after Halloween and get reduced price Halloween candy. Last year, we joked that he didn't get to do that because we were at the hospital for you to be born. We were talking about that this year and your Dad decided that a fun tradition that we would do with you is each year on your birthday your Dad would wake you up and first thing, take you to the store to get reduced priced Halloween candy! We just know it's a tradition you will grow to love.

We love you Bud,

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