Thursday, October 2, 2014

Flour + Water: Pasta by Thomas McNaugton {A Cookbook Review}

This is my 50th book review!!!! 

Matt, my husband, received a pasta extruder for his birthday this year and he has been experimenting with it whenever he can. When we saw this book/cookbook, flour +water: pasta up for review, we knew it was something we wanted to check out and read. 

This amazing book did not disappoint! At first look, the pictures are absolutely incredible which immediately draws you in to want to read the book further. The first bit of the book tells the story about the author which is pretty neat just by itself. 

Then, recipes for pasta dough are shared and while there is a basic recipe, the book shares more than just that recipe and gives details about how to roll the dough and specific thicknesses as well as the importance of the dough resting. There is then information on how to cook the pasta as well as how to store fresh pasta. It is extremely detailed and well written. This was my favorite part of the book. 

The remaining portion of the book (which is large) gives pasta recipes for every season. To me, the recipes are unique and not all of something we would make here at home but they are all beautiful and definitely had my mouth watering while I read! 

This book is incredible and I am so glad we were able to receive it. We will be making pasta from this book ASAP! 

You can find more Book Info here. 

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