Monday, October 13, 2014

Family Fun

Many of the days recently when Matt was off from work, I have worked myself. It's usually just half days but it means that we usually just spend the afternoon together. However, one day last week I worked just until 11 and then met Matt and Mason at the library for Rockin' Babies Storytime. It's our favorite storytime because they play lots of music and it's so much fun!

Apparently, in this picture Matt had not yet told Mason it was time for storytime. 

My boys showed up at the library both wearing their long sleeve navy blue shirts and khaki shorts...I melt. 

The whole gang at storytime! 

We had such a good time at the library. We came home and had lunch together and enjoyed a restful afternoon. Later on after nap, I was working on something in the kitchen and Matt took Mason outside to play. I couldn't resist stealing a few peeks and pictures while they played. 

A little bubble time

A little walking...

And then, the real stuff boys go for...sticks! 

Such a fun day which also included making some cranberry upside down quick bread. SOOO GOOD! 

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