Monday, August 31, 2015

Open Letters {3}

Dearest Mason,
You are so funny! One evening recently, I was giving your Daddy a kiss. You turned his head away and kissed him yourself. He asked, "Did you want in on the action?" and you said "YEEEAHHHH!!!"
You are the sweetest.
Love, Momma

Dear Husband,
Thank you for saving me in the middle of the night the other night when I woke with a start because there was a BUG CRAWLING ON ME!!! You are my hero!
Love, Your Girl

Dear Friends,
I'm not sure I've said it enough since July 5th. Thanks for being there for us. That was such a HARD situation but your love and concern have helped us to move forward.
Love, The Morgans

Dear Mom,
Thanks for the birthday money which I used to buy a hair dryer since mine decided to blow up just last week.
Wow, I'm a grown up.
Love, Me

Dear Dad,
Thanks for telling me that I needed new tires on the car when we were in Louisiana last month and giving me birthday money early to put towards getting some. It was nice to not have to pay for all 4 on our own.  Yeah, I'm definitely a grown up.
Love, Your Daughter

Dear S'mores Poptarts,
I haven't eaten you in forever but we got a sample at Sam's Club and now I can't stop thinking about you!
Love, Annoyed {not really} girl
P.S. Let's pretend like I didn't buy a box at Target just a few days later

Dear Blog,
I've almost reached 1,000 posts in just over 4.5 years. Crazy. I love our story.
Love, Mrs. Morgan


  1. Hee hee hee - you ARE a grown up! {I remember being relieved and mortified when my excitement over grown up gifts hit.}

    And CONGRATS on almost 1000 posts! That's fabulous!!!

    1. Yes, it's crazy but free tires? I'll take em!!

      Thanks, I love sharing our story. :-)