Friday, February 17, 2017

Cottonwood Trail {When It's 80 Degrees in February}

Sunday was beautiful so we took full advantage of it! We went back to Cottonwood where Matt, Mason and Maddox had just been earlier in the week. 

Love us. 

Nerdy Backpacker!

Matt grilled ribs earlier in the day so we packed those along with some Publix yumminess and ate at one of the picnic tables at Cottonwood.

(At Publix, the boys got sugar cookies. Maddox's first. :))


Maddox got to taste some ribs, too. YUM! He looks mad as a hornet in the second picture but he loved them.

On top of the world!

Mason told us this was an alligator and we couldn't have agreed more! :)

Sleepy boy...

And a "snake" wrangler...:)

I love the weekends with our little family and days like these that are so beautiful make it even better! 

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