Saturday, February 4, 2017

Mason {An Update}

Time for another update on our sweet Mason. He's 3 years and 3 months old. Goodness, time is moving on along. It's been a full three months so let's recap a bit about what's going on with our boy.

Mason is going to speech therapy once a week for 1 hour with Miss Allie as well as another child. He loves going and asks to go each week. We have also been able to walk there the last two weeks and that's been amazing!

He's becoming a much neater eater. WOO! He still uses a bib for messy things but it's not a requirement at all meals now. And I know, he could just make a mess and I could spot clean but who really wants to do that? haha!

He loves to turn the lights off and on and he can reach all of them now. Some he can reach from the floor and others require the stool but he can get them all.

By late November, he was staying dry most of the night. We'd take him to the bathroom around 9:30 and he was good until morning. By the end of the month, he was dry all night. We still have occasional accidents but they are few and far between. He is also getting better at pulling up his pants, flushing, closing the lid and turning off the light after it all. YAY for independence.

He has his whiny days. Some days are good with no whining at all and some days, it's whine central and makes me think I might like some wine. jk but really...three is something!

He told his completely non-sensical joke on 11/22. He's hilarious!

This was his fourth Christmas and it was the most fun yet. He loved it so much in every, gifts, lights, books etc. So fun.

He thrives on routine. He loves to know what's coming next and it will keep him from asking many questions and in return getting frustrated with the answers he is given. The routine helps him so much. At the same time, he can go with the flow pretty easily most days...exceptions? tired, too full of energy from being inside, etc.

He currently loves Paw Patrol and after his monster truck adventure with Matt, he is enjoying playing with his monster trucks, too.

He LOVES to be outside. He likes dirt play, running, and just getting into random things. haha!

Mason stil enjoys reading and we are trying to re-incorporate it back into our day-to-day. We used to read so much but in the last several months, it's just not be a priority. Don't get me wrong, we still read, but not as much as I would like on a daily basis. Mason especially loves books about trucks, other vehicles and look and find books.

Mason's nap time has mostly turned to "rest time" and it's going pretty well. While I would prefer he nap since he still needs it most days, he is having rest time in his bed and reading books for about 1.5 hours while Maddox naps and I do whatever I have to do that day. And in return, he's going to bed at 6:30 right now. He is still happy after rest time and that's what matters to me.

I think that's about it for now. Now enjoy some of my most favorite pictures ever of our sweet boy!!

The monster truck is smiling according to Mason.

Oh this one on the left...I LOVE IT!!

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