Thursday, February 2, 2017

Monster Jam {January 2017}

I mentioned a while back that we had planned to take a family overnight trip during January as our "something to do together" gift for Christmas. Well, that didn't pan out and it was a blessing in disguise because the night we would have been on the trip? the same night we had two boys sick with the stomach bug. 

In lieu of that trip, Matt decided to take Mason to se Monster Jam! We are also going to the circus tonight as a family outing. We took the rest of the money and added it to our Summer Vacation Fund so we can do more fun things during that trip.

This past Saturday was the big day!  Matt and Mason left about 4:30 and headed to dinner. PDQ is delicious!! 

Not sure who was more excited??

This was after Matt told Mason where they were going. He was pumped and they Facetimed to tell me. Matt gave him a Monster Truck shirt and then told him there were monster trucks inside the arena. Mason said "I ready to go!!"

This was the shirt we got him but he decided not to wear it that night because his sweatshirt already had "Monster cars" on it. haha! (I was pumped to find this at JCP because I had a $10 coupon so it only cost me $4!) 

Ear protection--check!

They had great seats. A good view of everything, right at the front of the section and also at the end of a row so there was a bar in front and a wall to the side. WIN for randomly picked tickets! 

The show lasted from about 7:00-9:30 and Mason didn't want to leave at the end. 

He even talked his daddy into a snow cone which cost as much as last month's rent! 

A few more pictures from the night.

Two of my guys. (My other guy was sound asleep in his bed at home while I did chores, read, took a hot bath and enjoyed the quiet. Mom win.)

OH! And we also picked up these monster trucks beforehand and Matt said it was the perfect intermission toy. He hasn't stopped playing with them since Well, except when he got them taken away for being disobedient. 

Despite a 2.5 hour show and a long day, this was Mason's face when it was time to go. He said "I stay with them all night!"

Sign of a good night.

A few videos from the night, too. 


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