Tuesday, February 21, 2017

The Morgan's Movements {Week 7}

Sunday continued our "up and up" trend and I took my best bud to the grocery store. He loves the grocery store as much as I do and I only went $2 over budget with him there.

Happy about his yogurt drink. :) 

I brought Mason home and headed to pick up some hand-me down toys from a friend. Maddox woke up while I was gone and enjoyed playing in the car seat in the house. haha! 


I blogged about our Cottonwood trail adventure last week. This is why we went!

 After we got home, I pulled out one of the toys I picked up. Mason and Matt (and even Maddox) played with that for a while before bed. 

Monday brought lots of smiles!!! 


Mason was SO proud for separating the letters by color. :) 

We also pulled out the Valentine's Day gift from GiGi for Mason. That made for a fun morning!

Magic towel for the win!


Monday afternoon was so pretty so we all went outside for a bit. Then Maddox and I went inside to work on dinner and watched Mason play out of the back door. Mason played for a long time! 

Tuesday was Valentine's Day and I'm blogging about that separately. 

Wednesday, I slept straight until 7 when Matt texted this to me. 
Yay, my love!! We are proud of you! 

On Monday, Mason got a splinter and I finally got it out Wednesday morning! It was BIG!!

Silly boy playing piano with his feet. :) 

We took the boys to story time and Maddox was trying to escape! 

Craft time at story time is always fun. Dog masks on this day. 

Mason played SO well with some of the other kids making a road for cars. 

Big boy drinking from his cup on Thursday morning. What a good start to the day! 

Then, Mason built a church for us to pray and invite Anna and Emily, too. :) 

Goodness, I love this little one so much! 


When I headed to work Thursday afternoon, Matt put Maddox in a box outside to play while Mason played in the yard. It was so cute! And Maddox loved it! 

How to make two (three including Matt) boys' day? Energy worker installing new boxes at the house. 

Friday started out with a happy sweet boy! 



Mason was very into his toys and books while Maddox napped. He told me several times he was fine while I did chores. I walked into the living room and found him like this. Sweet boy relaxing! We ready for a while after this. I love reading with my boys. 

Lunch was tuna fish and Mason was not a fan. haha! 

More box fun! 

Mason heard our neighbor practicing her piano and he went over to listen and then he started dancing. It was the cutest! 

Friday evening meant work for me and boy time for the guys. Mason played with his monster truck...

...Maddox smiled at his daddy's silly faces. 

Saturday was a cloudy day but it was a good one! When I headed to work, Mason and Maddox watched a quick show while Dad prepped breakfast. Brotherly love. 

Free entertainment...watching clothes dry. 

And this picture is always a welcome sight to me. Husband cleaned the bathroom. Love him. 

We ate quesadillas for lunch with a delicious salad and Mason finished up ALL of the ranch. haha! 

Then! We got to have our best bud over for FOUR hours!! It was Mason's dream come true! 

She borrowed some boots for outside play time. They played basketball, soccer, cozy coupe, etc. It was a fun afternoon that we capped out with a dance party! 

Oh! And we watched some of Finding Dory, too! 

Dance Party! 

After Anna left, we made a last minute decision to run to the grocery store and it was fun! We all love the grocery store! :) 

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