Wednesday, February 15, 2017

The Morgan's Movements {Week 6}

Sunday was a bit of a unique day since we went to church Saturday night. I wasn't feeling the greatest so I laid low after making breakfast and when Maddox laid down of nap, Matt and Mason went to Hatcher Garden. 
When they got back, they dropped something off to a friend and had lunch at McDonald's so Mason could play. That was a whole drama in itself but not worth getting into. 
Mason wanted to bring the stroller so Matt could push him. Well, obviously, that changed quickly. haha!

While they were gone, Maddox woke up and I fed him and gave him a bath. Pretty sure it was his dream come true...the bath tub and all of the toys to himself!


Also, this is picture proof of his mullet. :)

Everyone rested/napped well and then we prepped some Super Bowl food. I dreamed of pretty pictures of the food but reality was that everyone was starving by the time it was ready. :)  We had yummy creamed corn, meatball sliders, pizza rolls, sweet tea and some other randomness that was just in the fridge/cabinet. :)


Matt and Mason had the relaxing pose down pat!


Mason went to sleep after halftime because he danced his heart out and he was worn out! I went to sleep during the 4th quarter and Matt finished the game.

Monday morning brought about me feeling a bit worse with a scratchy throat. So, I took it easy in the morning since Matt was home until 9:15. The boys woke up happy and obliged me in my resting for most of the day. Grateful for that!

Maddox is getting very adventurous which means boo-boos are happening now. He got one Monday afternoon and let me have lots of snuggles! 

When Matt got home from work, he let me get into bed and he took care of the evening tasks. Love him for that!

On Tuesday, I woke up still feeling crummy and Maddox wasn't quite well either so after playing at home in the morning, Mason went to speech. Matt came home to walk with him while Maddox and I stayed home. 

Tuesday afternoon was beautiful so Matt took the boys for a nature walk at Cottonwood Trail while I stayed home to rest some more. I was so grateful he was able to help me so much while I wasn't feeling well! 

Wednesday started out simple enough and turned into pure craziness. (Check out my post from Sunday to see what that was all about.) 
Maddox had a follow up ear check and flu shot appointment and all turned out well. 

He was worn out when we got home so he took his morning nap and Mason and I worked on his Valentine cards. 

We also looked at this awesome Usborne book that Mason got for Christmas. We've looked at it several times and this time, Mason basically asked me all of the questions from the book from memory. :) 

Mid-day/afternoon of Wednesday brought the discovery of lice. Sigh. It was a horrible afternoon trying to deal with that but we survived. 

Thursday, Matt was home for the morning to help with the lice situation. We laid pretty low obviously while loads and loads and loads of laundry got done and we all tried to keep our sanity. 

Friday was more of the same and I shared much of that in the post from Sunday. Maddox was intrigued with the dryer which was good for him because it was going non-stop for 5 days. 

Thankfully by Friday afternoon, I had been clear for 48 hours so I went to work. Matt checked the boys once I left and he texted me about a dad-win because Maddox sat up and held his bottle while Matt was able to fully check his head. Also, all clear! 

Time out is so dramatic! When you've been mostly inside for days, you get a little crazy! 

Brother love. 

Saturday morning brought all smiles as we were all clear for at least 24-60 hours. WOOHOO!!!! 

We went to lunch at CiCi's and then to do a little shopping at Wal-Mart. 

Maddox tried the noodles! 

Showing me a show on TV while he was eating. He was in hog heaven for that. 

Saturday afternoon, Mason helped to feed Maddox and it was so sweet. We were cracking up because Mason kept opening his mouth, too. haha! 


We finished up Saturday with Matt and the boys having a guy's night while I went out with friends. More on that later. It wasn't our favorite week but we made it through!

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