Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Valentine's Day 2017

Valentine's Day started like any other day at our house. All smiles!! 

And lots of playing...

Once Maddox laid down for his nap, I was doing a few chores and Mason called me into the living room where he had presents for me. It was the sweetest thing ever. I mean, really! "You open dese Ma!" 

It was the sweetest gesture and even though they were all his toys, when I said, "These are for me!?!" and he said "YES!!!" 

Then it was speech time and we walked there with our Valentines in hand. Maddox and I chilled out during that hour. Well, he chewed on books. :) 

Mason got a Valentine from his speech buddy but he wouldn't stop long enough for a good picture of it!! 

Both boys took a good nap that afternoon and after nap I loaded them up to go meet up with Matt. Mason was a big helper in the car! 

We picked Matt up at the tire place where he was having one of his tires patched and we went to Golden Corral! 
Mason, again, could care less about stopping for a picture. And no, he didn't finish all of that. We helped him with some of it. ;) 

Where's my food, Ma?!?

It was delicious food and Maddox got to taste his first chocolate. What better day for that to happen!?! 

Toothless Mason...chocolate all over his teeth...bahaha! 

His face!?! Seriously, another picture!?! 


We went to Barnes and Noble to walk around and play. Then we picked up the truck and went home. We let the boys open their Valentine's gifts from us and we played with them the rest of the night. 

Before bed, we all snuggled up for books. 

and I got ALL of the snuggles and kisses from my boys! 

Check out Maddox! ha! 

After we put the boys to bed, we watched a show together and then gave each other a foot rub. I started to feel really fatigued so we called it an early night and were both in bed by 9:30. It was a fun day though! 

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