Thursday, February 16, 2017

Roller Derby

After the week we had last week, I was ready to get out of the house but I was also completely exhausted. Our city has a ladies roller derby team and I had heard about through friends several months back. Their first game of the season was this past Saturday. Several ladies had planned to go but one by one had to drop out for other engagements. A few of us were still able to go so we stuck with it. 

We went to dinner at Bronco's for yummy Mexican food and then headed to Skate Palace! The pictures were HORRIBLE because it was dark but I wanted to post few anyway. It was such a fun experience and I hope to go again one day! 

Thanks Kris and Keri for convincing me to go and not just go home after dinner! 

Half-time show!! 

Friends. Grateful for them. 

I stopped at Sugar and Spice on the way home hoping for chocolate pie but they were out so I got hot fudge ice cream cake and almost passed out from the richness. I ate some and saved the rest so I didn't go into a coma. 

Also, shout out to an awesome husband who encouraged me to go out and stay out! :) 

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