Tuesday, February 7, 2017

The Morgan's Movements {Week 5}

Week 5 of 2017 is DONE! Let's see what we've been up to this week! 
Matt and Mason slept in a bit after their Monster Jam experience and then they headed to church. We had planned to all go together but Maddox still wasn't 100% so he and I stayed home. 
It was a bit windy! 

That day we just hung out at home and rested. Sunday evening was the NHL All-Star game and we watched some of that together. Matt continued with his super-Dad status!

We were supposed to have a date but since Maddox wasn't well, we had to cancel. BLAH! We had an at home date night with yummy food from Fresh Market and made the best of it!

Monday began with Mason waking up without pants on. This is tending to be a trend and it's just NOT my favorite right now. However, we rallied and the day was a good one. When Maddox took his morning nap, Mason and I built some towers. I gave him a number and he built a tower with that many blocks and then we used them to make a ramp and steps for his monster trucks. 
We also had some car trouble as well which turned out to be a bit expensive. 


I also had to vacuum so Mason pulled out his ear muffs. HAHA!

Goodness, love this view!

Monday afternoon brought a trail mix snack and play time! Mason and Maddox are excellent at pulling out every toy!

Tuesdays are speech day and this was the first day that Mason said "Do I go see Ah-ee and Nenna?" and I got to tell him, "YES!" Maddox started the day with a bottle. DUH!

And Mason said, "I pold" so he got under the covers while he waited.

After breakfast, Maddox didn't waste any time getting to work!

We got to walk to speech since it was beautiful! Mason helped me push Maddox on the way there. He then pushed him all the way home!

Just chilling...

A mullet!

outside time is the BEST time!

Sleepy head! 

I worked Tuesday afternoon/evening and then headed to Target to get some formula and other baby needs. I checked the dollar spot and was PUMPED! My mom has been looking for some things to give Mason for Valentines and we hit the jackpot there for CHEAP!

Wednesday morning, Kris brought Anna by while she went to an appointment. It took Mason a bit to warm up but then it went really well!

Monster trucks (above) and dirt made for a GOOD morning!

After Matt got off of work, we headed to story time. It was a FULL house and they made and decorated kites to fly outside and it was just right! 


Wednesdays are Matt's youth night so the boys and I flew solo. All went well until Mason hurt himself playing and Maddox got cranky so we made the best of it and stuck as close as possible until bedtime which happened extra early!

Using momma to pull up!

These aren't great pictures but Mason took them and it was so sweet that he wanted to so I love them!



Thursday didn't involve much in the morning but about 3:30, we headed out of town to see THE CIRCUS!! We got to Greenville early to walk around, eat, etc. We pulled into the parking garage and I realized I had forgotten Maddox's bottle. OOPS! We ended up getting some stuff from CVS but didn't even end up using it because Maddox wasn't interested.


We ate dinner at Sully's Steamers and they had the most delicious bagel sandwiches. YUM! 
We made a pit stop at Mast General store to rock and buy a few candy treats. 

Sweet blurry boy! 

CIRCUS! (I Have more pictures to post from Matt's camera so I'll talk more about the circus then.)

We got home late that night but it was worth it! 
This was Maddox at 11:15pm.

But this was him at 7:40 the next morning!

Friday was a chill day since everyone was tired. We played and the boys did really well together!


I headed to work that afternoon and Matt and the boys hung out. Maddox slept for 3 hours and was obviously Circus hungover... haha! Mason took a three hour afternoon nap, too! 

After dinner was bath time! Maddox was obviously pumped about that!

Love these guys.

After work, I got the few groceries we needed including Super Bowl foods!

Saturday brought Ice Cream for Breakfast day! We celebrated! Well, Matt and Mason did. Maddox had a plain waffle and I had a waffle with banana and honey--I'm trying to eat a bit better! 

Matt headed out for a haircut and I found a box of chocolate like this.
 "Mason, did you open these?"
"Did you eat one?"
"No but I yove dose!"

While I went to work for a couple of hours, Matt cut Mason's hair and hung with them. After nap/rest time, we headed to pick out a new car seat and off to a special Saturday night church service followed by an at home date night for Matt and myself!
Oh, and we ended the week with his war wound! Mason hurt himself at church on the train table but he has been a trooper! 

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