Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Easter 2017

We celebrated Easter on Saturday night at church. We got all dressed up and headed there. My boys were looking so handsome! 

So pretty! 

Love my man so much. 

We also took some "real camera" pictures before we headed to church. Here are some of them and I plan to post another post with some more later on. 

Mom and her boys...

Morgan Family of Four


MMM1 and MMM2


We put some Easter presents out for the boys. I recycled some puzzles for Maddox. I love being able to put old toys to use again! 

Mason loved the remote control car! 

Maddox...the balls! 

However, GiGi won Easter by sending the boys a crawfish boil set! 

That morning, I ran a few errands and Matt and Mason watched a show. Mason saved me a spot. 😍

After my errand, I hid eggs outside for Mason to find. He had the best time hunting! 


I put one jellybean in every egg and every single time, he responded this way! 

Playtime outside for my boys. I ended up in bed because I started feeling poorly. My allergies knocked me on my hiney! 

When I got Maddox up, he just wanted to sit in his bed for a minute...


GiGi also gave these glasses so of course I tried them out before Mason. :) 




We had plans that afternoon to go to Grandmom and Granddad's house for banana splits and unfortunately, I still felt poorly so I Matt took the boys. Mason was a BIG helper and had a blast! 

What a wonderful Easter we had! 

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